Johnny Depp is a Disappointing Actor and We Should All Accept It

Johnny Depp is one hell of a good looking man. This is a fact. IMDB also calls him "one of the most versatile actors of his day and age in Hollywood". I disagree. And so I want to open up the debate about what he's actually contributed to the film industry.

Think about all the movies he's been in over the years - from his 1984 debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street to his last leading role as Mortdecai. The latter was particularly atrocious, but was Oscar worthy in comparison to Lone Ranger, in which Caucasian Depp played Tonto, a Native American. Now that, was fucking calamitous. The Tourist could, at a push, pass for a decent movie, but even that is riddled with flaws and, according to my dad whose opinion I trust completely, "appallingly acted by all involved". For the sake of fairness, though, the peak of his career produced some first class films such as What's Eating Gilbert Grape with a pre-pubescent Leo Di Caprio and Chocolat

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was uncomfortably bad when the films were first released, but now it's aged a bit it's almost unbearable to watch the first installment, never mind in its entirety. Harry Potter it is not. Yet it remains popular because Disney have a knack for disguising crapness behind mild humour, ludicrous romance and even some 'comic threat' as the BBFC like to call it in their classifications. The sixth installment is due for release in 2017. Captain Jack Sparrow has become Depp's most famous character, but a trilogy would've sufficed. 

It's not very "versatile" when at least 80% of his filmography this century feature him as essentially the same kooky, slightly camp character but in different time periods. This may, in part, be due to his recurring partnerships with Tim Burton and Disney, but it's risky for actors to be typecast in the same roles and he must see the similarities. So it'll be interesting to see his newest lead role as Whitey Bulger in Black Mass, which has been acclaimed by critics but slammed as 'fiction' by those who knew Bulger before he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In my opinion, and I know this will cause a ruckus because he's such a trans-generational icon, Johnny Depp is actually a crap actor, and we all like him so much because of his undeniably pretty face.

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