Scooters and Skateboards: Why?

Because using two legs>using two wheels
Recently there’s been a baffling phenomenon swooping its way into the Sheffield scene and nose/rail/tailsliding through the streets of city centre.
Skateboards have been the trademark accessory of Devonshire Green for a while now, but, for reasons unbeknownst to me, scooters have become a ‘thing’ again. Even Samantha Cameron’s joined the hype.
I’m not talking the stylish motored ones, the Vespa’s and whatnot, oh no. I’m talking the metal T-bar push scooters that we all so dearly coveted as children.
And it’s not pre-pubescent kids out for a nice stroll with their parents either – it’s grown adults, adults who have actively decided that commuting and socialising on a scooter was an ok and responsible thing to do.
I ask myself why but I am no closer to finding the answer. Is our anatomy not enough anymore? Are bikes too much effort? What are the health benefits of using scooters and skateboards? Did I miss the scooter’s fashion week debut that confirmed it’s ‘in’ right now?
What’s the protocol for inner city scootering? Do you ‘park’ your scooter? Is there a special Scoot N’ Skate warden who fines you for not parking them in the right place? Can you clamp scooters and skateboards? Do you take your scooter for an MOT?
Scooters and skateboards were not designed for long-distance travel or practicality, and they’re particularly unsuitable for Sheffield’s obstacle course of a landscape. Pedestrian congestion in city centre is blood boiling enough, but having to jump out the way of an unruly skateboard or scooter is a burden no decent citizen should have to endure.
Unless they're the hoverboard from Back to the Future, do us all a favour and leave 'em in the garden shed.
James Copley Dunn, a music second year, said: “I understand the interest in scooters and skateboards for stunts, what I don’t understand is people thinking it’s a legitimate form of transport, it’s just not cool.”
“Unless you scooter professionally, if that’s even possible, it’s something you should grow out of at about 16. It’s just a frustrating object.”
But where hype leads, the market follows. A quick search online and you’ll find a whole range of scooters to suit all tastes and interests; there’s the three wheeled kind for the safety conscious, the ‘Hustler’ for all the playas out there, the ‘Extremist’ for the truly reckless scooter enthusiast.
Many of us struggle to find The One, but rest assured there is a stick of metal attached to a plank on wheels that’s perfect for you.

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